Benicia is not just the best place around to dump a dead body anymore!

I never sell any of my paintings and nobody seems to be volunteering to give me fist fulls of cash because I'm sooo handsome, so I work in a really crappy picture frame store to pay my bills.  Almost everything that we frame at the store is complete garbage. Just really awful.

This is not the case with the artwork of Anthony Riggs.  When he brings his pieces in to frame, it is one of the few bright spots in my work day avalanche of terrible, dull, housewife artwork.  His work is incredibly layered and detailed while still remaining immediate and loose.  Also, he looks damn fine in a western cowboy shirt.

His show, The Tangible Objects of Dreams, is currently hanging at The Rellik Tavern in Benicia and if you find yourself in that vicinity,  you should check it out.