(arm candy)

(I've decided to write this entire post in parenthesis because it seems like a convenient way to make a rather lackluster effort seem much less official.  And as you know, if your post is really boring, you always want to take any necessary steps to make sure it isn't officially really boring.)

(Normally when I write, I imagine my regular, nasally, probably slightly indignant, speaking voice saying the words.  This way it's kind of like I'm whispering to you instead!)

(Shhh!  Today's progress photo of the painting features the arm and leg of the couch.  Also, if you're in a generous mood, you could say that the fancy wood floor counts as well since I think it looks pretty swell as well.  I'm fairly happy with the way things came out even though it looks vaguely like the arm rails are carved from chocolate instead of wood. And as much as I may want to make a comment about how the highlights look delicious and try to start a run of semi-sweet puns, I think I may have run out of interesting things to say about painting couches a few posts ago.  So I'm just going to post my little picture and quickly write a couple of non-official sentences in parenthesis and quietly call it a day.)