Sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Good lord, I've been so sick. Some sort of flu with all of the attendant goodness! Fever, nausea, coughing... It doesn't get any better than that! All I could do was sit shivering in my drafty studio, huddled in my blanket, staring at my newly re-started painting and watch all of my momentum (among other things) drain out of me. After a couple of really shitty days I finally started to feel a bit better and got right to work... on a bottle of whiskey. Man, did I miss my medicine!  So good.


So after a couple days of that, I got all my fluid levels up to where they needed to be and got right to work on the painting. I did a rough tracing paper overlay sketch to figure out a likely composition and then just started blocking in the shapes of my new, weird, blobby friends. My preliminary sketch barely qualified as helpful so I just kind of roughed the shapes in where they felt good and base coated them all white to cover up those awful teeth and whatever miscellaneous crap might be underneath the new figures.