Back to the drawing board. Again.

So I have a shitload of bad habits, but the specific focus for today is my habit off continuously painting on top of paintings that are supposedly done. Or have been done for a year or so.

I do this all the time. First I finish them and pat myself on the back because I managed to complete something. Everything seems to be pretty cool at this point.

I'm not sure exactly when it happens, but inevitably they begin mocking me. Not actually mocking me, of course. I'm not crazy.

Not really.


For no particular reason other than It's not very good, which should be reason enough, I find this painting back on my easel waiting for a facelift. Yes I know that it would make more sense to toss this thing out the window and just start something new instead, but that doesn't seem to be the way I do things. Instead I'm going to going to claim that I'm just going to fix one thing and will end up practically repainting every fucking thing I can find.

There are some parts that I still like and I will do my best to not destroy those parts completely. Those teeth have to go though.  Be honest, you didn't even know those were teeth until you read it just now, did you?

A painter should always have good reference photos, not just a plastic cartoon tooth from your dentist's office.