Sexy Nude Robots

Before Christmas I was commissioned to paint a twisted, old oak tree for some reason. I tried to explain to the prospective clients that this is not really the type of work that I do, but no one ever listens to me and so they decided to go ahead with it anyway.  Also, I suspect that I was the only artist that they knew so I would have to do.

I have no idea why they wanted a what is usually a vertical object formatted horizontally or why they wanted it split onto two canvases, but I just do what I'm told like a good little money-grubbing robot.

Logically, of course, if I actually was a robot I wouldn't draw naked girls.  I would draw naked robots!

...hmmn, anyway,  I think the tree painting came out fairly well and the clients loved it.  Done and done!

I never would have bothered to post this piece since it doesn't really fit in with the other things regularly I do, except that one of the dummies that I work at my day job won't stop sighing and whining about wanting to see this painting because it's a landscape and he fucking loves landscapes.  So, this post is especially for you Cheap Chris!  Now please stop your whimpering.  It's annoying.

UPDATE:  I'm not sure how this blog became about Cheap fucking Chris all of a sudden, but apparently it has.  After speaking with him at work today, I learned that he thinks the orange parts in the picture at the top of this post are my rendition of... water (thereby once again confirming my suspicions that he is a complete moron).

I have no idea why he would think this, but just in case I have any other readers that might get lost in a hall closet, I have some helpful guidance; the first picture is the painting in progress, the second picture is not the painting at all, the third picture is the completed painting and the fourth picture is a close-up detail from the finished painting.