The return of the practice cactus girl.

Recently I've been kind of busy with things not related to painting pictures of naked girls. I got as far as painting part of the tines on the cactus girl and then got distracted by the rest of my life. I get so into working on a piece that I often let major parts of my regular person life slide out of control and then inevitably they all come crashing back down on me at the same time. Money problems, goddamn car problems, Dad falling over problems, Stick Figure Andrew problems.

That's right. He's a problem. He was so awesome in the last post that I can't stop thinking about how terrific he is, often to the point that I stop being able to do even the simplest of things. Like get out of the shower. I was in there for an extra twenty minutes this morning thinking about him. It made me tingly. He's really the best.

Focus! Okay, the cactus tines look alright at best, but I'm incredibly bored with this piece. I got to see if there was any reason to do a full size painting on canvas so this practice piece did what it was supposed to do. The good news is that I think there is enough promise of something interesting here to warrant proceeding ahead with the real deal. I'm going to need a model so I don't end up with more problems than just not actually knowing what I'm doing with a paint brush most of the time.

I think I know the perfect person to be the model, with just right combination of cautionary glamour and sexual ferocity...

Don't act like you weren't hoping it was him, because it's obvious that you totally were.  Now you can have the tingly feeling in the shower too!