If only I could get the band to play a song by X.

Wednesday morning I got an idea for what could be a relatively cool painting. Or series of paintings. Now as usual, I was going to need a model for this thing because I'm a slave to my reference. I have this friend named Mark that would be PERFECT for this piece because I need my model to do two things during this proposed reference photo shoot.

First, he needs to not be shy about having his picture taken while looking like an idiot or about having a bunch of people give him weird looks. Luckily, we know he's fine with both of those things because he is a MUSICIAN.

Second, He needs to have a giant, square blockhead.  Done!  He's perfect.

As you can see from this photo, everything worked out just fine.

Luckily, Mark's band was playing that night at a bar that I might visit occasionally and, like a champion, he agreed to be the model without even asking how his image was going to be used. He and the other guy in the band, Charlie were amazing as usual, with  both their music AND their ability to put up with us taking pictures all around them all night while they're trying to fucking work.

Being that the bar was way too dark for me to get a decent shot with my crappy camera, I enlisted Galen and his Super-Camera-of-the-Century to make my job much easier. In fact, I mostly sat around and boozed it up with Mandy and Norodd while Galen did all the work (including the ridiculous photo above). Well done, Andrew.

By the way, Mark and Charlie's band, GOLDEN TICKET, plays rockin' acoustic (as opposed to acoustic rock) music every Wednesday night at Dan's Bar in Walnut Creek. This could be your chance to  have some drinks, experience some great music and just have some fun in the middle of the week. If you decide not to do these things... you might be a complete moron.