Now everyone knows my hidden shame.

Mandy has informed me that the bar that we went to on our way to the Josh Keyes show, the bar I believed that I loved with all my heart, was not actually called Zanzibar. Apparently I couldn't love it enough to even learn it's real name. Suddenly I feel like our love affair was not the special shared experience that I thought it was. Now instead of the warm glow that I had as I wrote the previous post, my selfishness has turned it seedy and dirty. I used her for my drunken needs and couldn't even be bothered to find out what she wants to be called when I brag to all my cheap friends about the good times we had!

With all my heart I am truly sorry, Zeitgeist. Maybe we could start over if you could see your way to giving me, giving US, another chance. We could talk this out TOGETHER. I know a good bar we could go to...