I'm a point and shoot man, myself.

Yesterday Galen and I went over to Cafe (504) so I could show him the place and he could try to take a better photo of the show for me to post here. Galen has a bag full of professional camera equipment that can do all sorts of things that I'll never be patient enough to understand. Luckily I have my own personal camera-dork to help me out. So in we went and after a few minutes of annoying the customers with his flashes, it turns out that even his fancy camera could't really get anything worth using. The sunlight coming through the windows played havoc with his light-balance-o-meter or something technical like that.

Alas, this also ruined the photo of me talking to the cute girl that was working at the cafe, essentially foiling my first attempt at my secret master plan of getting more hits by posting pictures of hot girls on my blog.


Back at the studio, while I tried to show Galen how my portfolio website is SOOO AWESOME, he decided to take pictures of things HE was interested in for some reason instead of listening to ME.

Strangely, this benefited both of us. I got this cool photo of the re-painting with a blurry me in the background and he got to not have to pay any attention when someone besides him is speaking. 

That always makes him happy!